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RCDJCo's Vendor Directory

If you're searching for a DJ, you're probably searching for some other vendors as well! After working hundreds of weddings, these are the vendors we know that you can trust to do a great job! Some vendors have included a quick "blurb" to describe who they are, and the services they offer.


Wedding Coordinators / Planners





Hi there! I’m Kaden - a filmmaker, photographer, and certified nostalgia-holic (lol). I discovered my passion for creative world as a young teen. Throughout my teen years, it was a hobby I enjoyed developing. Upon graduating in I had the opportunity shoot my first wedding and to be honest… it wasn’t love at first sight. But after a couple years of being in the industry it became apparent this was the path I wanted to intentionally pursue. I fell in love with the beauty that is displayed in each couple’s unique story through the art of filmmaking. In my work I strive to create films that are centered around the values of Relationship, Romance, and Replay. My hope that one day I'm able to tell YOUR unique story!

zach fossier film

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