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North GA Wedding DJ


RCDJCo offers experience, professionalism, passion, a service-oriented approach, and technical proficiency. Just read our reviews - we know that your big day is a big deal!

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DJ Company for Event

Experienced: We've done this before! RC DJ Company has been in business for 10+ years and has hosted hundreds of gigs!

Professional: We aren't frat party DJs - We come in professional attire. Each DJ's highest priority is customer satisfaction. Therefore, you can expect your DJ to be happy to serve, and pleasant to interact with.

Passionate: DJing is not just a job, but a joy! Each and every wedding / event is a chance to provide clients with memorable experiences on some of the most important days of their lives!

Service-Oriented: We are not too big for our britches! We pride ourselves on working alongside the bride, the venue and the coordinator to achieve what is desired in all aspects!

Technically Proficient: We are real DJs - Our job is to smoothly transition music to keep the party going, being mindful of the energy of the room and what our bride and groom requested! Some DJs don’t really know how to DJ - rest assured that is not us. Some DJs make it all about them - rest assured that is not us! Our goal for the dancing portion of the night is to facilitate fun, and that is always at the top of our priority list!

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